Intro to our equipment

Technology should not be seen a method to replace people or, change the way we do things. It is a vehicle to offer safer and smarter ways at working in an increasing busy and time poor world.

Pipeline has been at the forefront of investment in its people and technology by offering smarter solutions to your inground infrastructure needs.

Over 35 years in the industry is allot of experience to draw upon to pause, and think outside the box. This goes for our technology, we consider our clients, their requirements and offer the best solutions.

Kroll Combination

Our Combination-Recycle vehicles with integrated water recovery is a commitment that there is another way to perform the work and manage a precious resource, water.

The sophisticated yet robust technology combines 3 steps. Not only saving time, but also the recovery of this important resource, an economically and ecologically sensible measure.

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There’s a reason it called the ‘King’.

With an 8,000L tank & 6,500 cubic meters of airflow per hour it takes care of the most difficult of debris removal.

Built to withstand the toughest of conditions and operated safely by a single person and allow wet to dry product vacuum without changeover procedures

Penetrating Radar

We rely on GPR to locate underground pipes and wires, including older, unmapped infrastructure.

However it’s a skill that it honed over time using tried and test technology.

Our locators provide skilled interpretation of in-ground services and we back them up with the latest technology in hydro-excavation

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Prevention is better than the cure and prevention with in-ground services is using all tools at our disposal.

We have IBAK camera tractor and push-rod systems for fast and accurate deployment.

When it comes to provide access to this information we provide our GIS technology to collate and offer a ‘live’ view of this information.

Our Latest Projects

City of Playford

Hydro Excavation, locating and reporting

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Mt Barker District Council

CWMS - Clean, view and report

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Adelaide Airport

GPR Locating

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